We are physically located in Bucharest,

but our ideas are flying around world and back.

Rock Stars Interactive
Garibaldi Giuseppe no1,
Bucharest - Romania

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  • Practice book: Alphabet

    A professionally designed app that will change the way an iPad is used for learning.

  • Rocks: words

    An new concept of educational app that reshapes the way kids are learning and having fun along the way.

Rock Stars Interactive is a mobile design & development studio

delivering strategy, experience & outstanding design around the world.

Strategy + design + develop

The magic formula behind the greatest experiences.


The first step and, we believe, the very foundation of every project it's strategy.
The point where everything gets talked, researched, underlined, discussed and over-rationalized, in order to crystal clear the goals and open the path for the next steps.
Strategy is so important that if skipped imagine we would design and develop blindfolded everything.
Imagine that!


This is where the magic comes in, by the time we reach design step, we already know with whom we're talking and why.
The question is now: how?
For this we have three steps: wireframing, prototyping and visual design.
All steps absolutely necessary, in order to deliver those intuitive interfaces and sharp pixel designs that you see in our apps.


We believe in more than just code the layouts and get them live, that's why our developers have to seamlessly work together with the designers, to add a rich visual and interactive value to every layout.
That's their role, to bring everything alive and create a natural interactive environment.
Of course everything is coded according to the interaction design wireframes, documented in the design step.

Let's see the work you've been braging about

Think of us like a canoe team,

all different but acting like one.

We’ve raised our eyebrows ever since Apple changed the game in the way we use mobile devices. And it wasn’t the 2007, when the first iPhone was launched, it was 2008 when the AppStore came along. We saw the new business model and we liked it, even though we established Rock Stars only in late 2009, when we finally agreed that we should venture in this new fast growing ecosystem of mobile.
Since 2009 we’ve emerged into a multicultural and multidisciplinary team where every individual has at least +5 years of experience of working in digital environment. In other word, you are in good hands.
The most important thing about us, is that we all do this by passion and love for design, technology and products that are game changers.
This is our core value - passion - and this keeps us fueled to think, imagine, design, develop & deliver great products for brands and peoples. Products that will get the most out of the mobile devices and will change the way people use them.
It’s not an easy job, as everything evolves and changes from one day to another, but here at Rock Stars we are trying to be as dynamic as we can, building a work environment to foster the most creative ideas and the greatest visual designs you’ve ever seen.
If you what to challenge us, drop us a line or pay us a visit!